Massage therapy is for everyone! I customize each treatment based on your particular goals for the session. Whether your neck is stiff from your old pillow or you just need an hour to unwind, I will consult with you before each session so I can provide the massage that is right for you, right now!

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Ashiatsu is a barefoot massage style with a basis in ancient massage techniques from ancient Eastern cultures.

Ashiatsu allows you deep pressure without the pain! There are no pokey thumbs and elbows like you're probably accustomed to with deep-tissue massage, just deep, broad pressure.

While you're unwinding and relaxing on my warmed massage table, I'm supported by over-head bars and allowing gravity to distribute ultra-deep pressure evenly across your muscles and fascia. 

Ashiatsu is particularly popular among athletes and is especially suited for anyone with denser muscle tissue, but can be extremely effective on any type of body free of contraindications. A large number of my clients come to me wanting relief from chronic pain in their hips or neck/shoulders.

Pregnant woman having a relaxing massage

Pregnancy Massage:

Expecting mothers need to be pampered too! While pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences in life - it is certainly not always comfortable and massage therapy relieves many of those discomforts such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, and trouble sleeping. 

Best of all - during your massage, you'll get to lay on a cushion specially designed for your growing belly while I massage away your aches and pains.



Add a little relaxation to your office or your next gathering with chair massage! I am available to provide chair massage for on-site events - just contact me for pricing!



I use deep tissue techniques to focus on specific problem areas where you may have chronic muscle pain or a recent injury that your working to recover from. Deeper pressure is often provided with my forearms, elbows, and knuckles to disrupt the tension causing you pain. 

These techniques are used in conjunction with firm, but more gliding strokes, stretching, and sometimes hot stones or cold packs to provide you with the full spectrum of massage care.

If relaxation is what you seek, the classic Swedish massage is your answer. Long gliding strokes over your muscles improve circulation, soothe muscle tension, and relax you completely. 

To compliment your massage, you'll be treated to a hot compress on your back and a cooling eye mask.